Providing treatment, storage, and support for people dealing with bed bugs in New York City. 


One of the challenges of your work is making sure that clients have all their laundry properly bagged and out of the way, so that your prep work can be as effective as possible. While laundry may be part of the services you offer, not every building in NYC is equipped with laundry facilities. Your staff will surely appreciate our folks taking care of the laundry for them, which can sometimes be a heavy job. We are happy to assist with bagging and organizing laundry, and can also accommodate requests for how it should be packaged upon delivery. 

Why partner with us?

We are flexible and reliable, and we regularly accommodate pick-up requests even at the last minute. We have worked out pricing options with partner service providers, so that you can invoice clients for our services if you prefer; alternatively, we are happy to work directly with clients to arrange for pick-up, delivery, billing, and support. Our packaging of laundry is top-notch, and we are very proud of the product we deliver. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction, and we have worked very hard to develop a strong positive reputation not only among independent clients but among a wide range of bed bug prep and cleaning companies. 

We make you look even better

You can't do your job unless we do ours with expertise, reliability, and professionalism -- and we lead the industry in performing this important service. If you are interested in establishing a partnership with us, please call us at (917) 740 - 2840 to learn more about how we manage relationships with other professionals in the industry. ​​

(917) 740 - 2840