Providing treatment, storage, and support for people dealing with bed bugs in New York City. 

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When there's a resident with bed bugs in one of your properties, it can be a real nightmare. The last thing you want is for the infestation to spread. One of the best steps you can take is to encourage or require the residents involved to properly handle their laundry. This is especially important when you are dealing with people who have been hoarding their things: in residences where the space and furniture has not been properly cleaned for a long while, there is a greater likelihood of bed bugs nesting in clothing and textiles. You don't want anyone taking shortcuts, or else you will just end up dealing with unending complaints and concerns from your tenants. This is where Bed Bug Laundry NYC comes in. 

Why partner with us?

We are flexible and reliable, and we regularly accommodate pick-up requests even at the last minute. You can bill clients for our services if you prefer; alternatively, we are happy to work directly with clients to arrange for pick-up, delivery, billing, and support. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction, and we have worked very hard to develop a strong positive reputation not only among independent clients but among other NYC management companies. 

We help you be proactive, before the problem gets out of hand

You can't do your job unless we do ours with expertise, reliability, and professionalism -- and we lead the industry in performing this important service. If you are interested in establishing a partnership with us, please call us at (917) 740 - 2840 to learn more about how we manage relationships with other professionals in the industry. ​​