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Providing treatment, storage, and support for people dealing with bed bugs in New York City. 


A bed bug laundry service is not offered by many exterminators, pest control operators, and bedbug preparation companies in New York City. These companies require you to bag or remove all laundry and textiles from the premises prior to treatment. Without a full-service bed bug laundry, this can be a big headache! Treating all your belongings in the laundry yourself is time-consuming, difficult work. Making sure it is done properly and to all the right specifications, so that you don't have to worry about getting more bed bug bites, can be very stressful. And what do you do with items that require dry-cleaning? What do you do with your clean, bug-free items while your home is being fully exterminated? That is where we can help!


We can help you follow the instructions that your extermination company recommends. Heat treatment is the best way to kill all the bed bugs that may be in your textiles, and most pest control operators and exterminators will recommend that you make sure to treat all of your potentially affected textiles.


The hardest part about having bed bugs is knowing what to do and having the time to do it. We provide detailed instructions on bagging your items to reduce risk of spreading infestation and to protect delicate items. We pick up your bags or even help you bag, and then drive all your worries away in our discreet van. Laundry, dry cleaning, heat treatment, folding, sealing, and storage services are offered to you in a menu style so that you pay for only the services you need. Bed bug laundry treatment is our exclusive area of expertise, and we pride ourselves on serving our clientele well. Let us take this quarantining, cleaning, and storage burden off your shoulders through our comprehensive bed bug laundry service.


We treat your items in our dedicated laundry and dry cleaning facility. Then we store them safely for the duration of your home's pest preparation and/or extermination treatment. Our bed bug laundry treatment process is also 100% chemical-free, which is very important to our customers with small children and health concerns.

When you are ready to receive your items again, simply call us to arrange for delivery. Most of our clients are working professionals, so we are proud to offer flexible delivery times and options, 6 days a week.


Sadly, there is often a stigma about this very common menace, the bed bug. Your secret is safe with us. We do not advertise our presence in any way. Our team will arrive at your home as discreetly as possible in unmarked vehicles, wearing no uniforms. Your laundry will arrive neatly packaged and sealed in unmarked plastic bags, and your dry-cleaning will look no different than it always does. You can trust our discretion and professionalism. 


  • Discreet, convenient, professional in-home pick-up and delivery of your affected textiles

    • Pick-up options include bagging


  • Treatment of items in a dedicated, sterile facility, designed to kill all potential bed bugs and their eggs during treatment


  • The full treatment: Laundry treatment of affected items at 180° Fahrenheit, guaranteed to kill both adult bed bugs and their eggs, plus wash and fold laundry services
    • Treatment includes customer-selected laundry products, upon request

    • We will carefully fold and seal everything in plastic bags

  • Treat and fold service: Heat treatment of affected items at 180° Fahrenheit, guaranteed to kill both adult bed bugs and their eggs, with your items returned to you carefully folded and sealed in plastic bags

  • Treat only service: Ideal for items that may not need folding, like bags, backpacks, shoes, etc. Heat treatment of affected items at 180° Fahrenheit, guaranteed to kill both adult bed bugs and their eggs, with your items returned to you in sealed plastic bags. Please note that we treat all of our items at this elevated temperature for at least 35 minutes, so there may be a risk of damage to shoes or other delicate items.

  • Heat chamber treatment: This time-consuming process is ideal for delicate or high-end items like purses or leather that may not withstand treatment in a dryer. 

  • Dry-cleaning: Dry cleaning services for items that cannot be serviced through conventional laundry methods, at prices that are likely more competitive than your neighborhood dry-cleaners. We dry-clean using PERC to ensure that all bed bugs and their eggs are killed.

Storage is available for the duration of the in-home pest control/extermination treatment at no extra charge. Throughout the entire process, you can count on receiving excellent customer service and support. 

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